Google 360 VR Patriots video takes you inside the game

One surefire way to get many Americans to adopt a certain type of technology is to use it to bring sports fans closer to the action with their favorite football team. This is one of the ways that the adoption of HDTVs were pushed with football games broadcast in HD early on. Google is pushing football fans to try out VR tech using its cheap Cardboard device by putting Patriots fans inside the game with the team.

Google, Visa, and Bank of America teamed up with the Patriots to highlight some cool VR footage of the Patriots during practice. The resulting video is shot from a player's point of view and allows the viewer to pan completely around the video and see all aspects of the play unfold.

I wonder if the coaches made use of this tech, it allows you to stand in the middle of the game and see every aspect of a play unfold. Google and partners know one big way to push the adoption of VR is to lure in the hardcore sports fan.

You can view the video right in the browser at YouTube in resolution up to 4K. If you want the fuller experience, get the Cardboard app for your smartphone and buy yourself a cardboard viewer to check out the video.

SOURCE: Hot Hardware