Google 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea doodle is best yet

Google has set the bar pretty high with its homepage doodles – the search giant's playable Pac-Man logo remains one of our favorites – but today's Jules Verne example is perhaps the best yet. Celebrating Verne's 183rd birthday, the Google logo has been transformed into viewing windows from the Nautilus, from the author's famous 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Best of all, by moving the lever on the right hand side, you can navigate under water and explore fish and even locate a giant squid. If you're browsing on a device with an accelerometer (and using a recent version of Chrome or Firefox) then you can eschew the lever and simply tilt to navigate instead.

It's all been built in CSS3 and looks incredible; even the tiny gauges on the left respond as you'd expect them to. If you're interested in reading 20,000 Leagues then you can find it here.