Good Omens Season 2 confirmed by Neil Gaiman

The second season of Good Omens was confirmed today, despite all the reasons why it wasn't expected to appear. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's 1990 novel Good Omens was first translated into a series of 6 episodes of a show – released with Amazon. This first season wrapped up that first novel nicely – it was all well and good. Now, there's apparently room for more!

According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gaiman is pleased that there'll be a new season of the show. It would still seem that the first season of the show was written and made with only one season in mind. They went so far as to include elements beyond the first book in the first season.

Elements, according to Gaiman, that were conjured up between Pratchett and him a year (or so) after the book Good Omens was first published (1990 – 1991). Gaiman suggested that they'd discussed the ongoing story in a Seattle hotel room at a World Fantasy Convention. They'd "plotted the sequel" and elements from that plotting were used in the first season of the show.

Now the show is ready to roll for a second season. The second season of Good Omens will begin with an encounter in Soho, London, with an angel with no memory. It'll go into the future of the pair, the past of the pair, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Neil Gaiman is, again, very much involved in the project.

This season works with The Blank Corporation and Narrativia for production, and the same director as season one, Douglas Mackinnon, will direct season two. The show's second season will be similar in size to the first, with six episodes total. The BBC is not involved in this season – it'll be a strictly Amazon sort of affair – and it'll be released "at a later date."