Golfer Bubba Watson shows off a 200hp jetpack 'golf cart'

Golf carts are now officially old news thanks to professional golfer Bubba Watson and his newly showcased jetpack. It's a legit strap-yourself-inside-it-and-hold-on jetpack, only designed for whizzing around a golf course rather than battling fires or dealing with super villains. It's bizarre upon first glance, but entirely practical if you're crunched for time; while a golf cart has to drive around water traps, a jetpack can merely zoom above them, no detour necessary.

Watson showed off his jetpack in a video yesterday, saying he's teamed with Oakley to introduce the first jetpack transportation device in the golfing industry. The contraption is big, though arguably no bigger than a multi-person golf cart; it includes a closet-shaped slot in which the operator stands, as well as a pair of rotors on either side, a couple legs for landing, and handlebars for holding on.

The jetpack sounds like a really big drone, and it's packing a lot of power. According to the video above, the unit features a 200hp engine and can fly up to 3,000ft at nearly 50MPH. The jetpacks are said to offer golfers some advantages that extend beyond getting around faster.

Among other things, traveling in a jetpack will give golfers a first-person aerial view of the golf course, allowing them to take it all in at once and help them determine how they want to play. As well, says Watson, jetpacks are fun. Who wouldn't want to strap into one?

The video shows some safety features like a belt that keeps the operator in place; it isn't clear how much time it takes to get strapped in and ready to go, which will eat away at whatever time savings you get over using a regular golf cart. If you're thinking about getting one for yourself, be warned: it won't come cheap. The duo say the jetpacks will be available to buyers starting in December 2017 with a price starting at $200,000 USD. Buyers will be required to get flight training and a certification to operate them.