Gogoro Smartscooter And Energy Network Heads To Europe

A company called Gogoro launched an electric scooter that people could order in some parts of the world like Taipei back in the summer. The company behind that scooter has now announced that Gogoro will launch Smartscooter scooter and the Gogoro Energy Network in Europe next year. The first Gogoro experience boutique will land in Amsterdam in early 2016.

Amsterdam was chosen because it is a global leader in efficiency and clean energy adoption according to Gogoro. Gogoro will be participating in the Smart City Experience Lab where the Smartscooter EV, Gogoro Energy Network, and GoStation will be displayed.

Gogoro will kick off operations in Amsterdam in the first half of 2016 with other cities coming later in 2016. The Experience boutique will be a curated gallery that shows off the Gogoro craftsmanship, technology, style, and personalization options. The Smartscooter EV is the first high-performance smart electric 2-wheel vehicle with swappable batteries.

The Gogoro Energy Network is an advanced battery swapping infrastructure for cities. The idea is to have the battery swapping stations around to allow smartscooter owners to be able to drive all they want within the city by swapping out battery packs as needed. In the US, the scooters would sell for around $4,140.

SOURCE: Gogoro