GOGO Log Radio

Design studio GOGO believe you should work for your consumer goods, rather than expect something perfectly-formed dropping off the production-line.  Their latest item, called "Log Radio", is pretty much exactly as the name might suggest: a length of wood with radio hardware installed and the buyer left to saw off their new gadget.

The work of designers Maria Makowska and Piotr Stolarski, Log Radio is just one of a new range of customer-cut products.  They've also created 'Log Clock', probably a little easier on the arms as it's basically a length of wood with clock mechanisms periodically studded through.  Buyers are encouraged to customize the wood, with hands-drawn graphics.

It's not entirely clear whether you can buy either the clock or the radio, or whether they're art masquerading as products.  I'm hoping it's the former.

[via designboom]