GOG News Flash: DRM-Free Movies, Local Prices, Removing Games

Good Old Games has just let out a flood of announcements that changes the face of the video game distribution service, both literally and figuratively. Starting today, GOG will be selling games in four new currencies that players can choose, plus a rather enticing offer when US dollar and local prices don't match. And quite interestingly, GOG is going beyond selling just games, as it now has a few videos in its catalog. All DRM-Free, of course.

Of course, you shouldn't expect to find the latest, or even old blockbuster films in GOG's list. Instead, the selection of movies focus on GOG's main theme: video games. You will find popular gaming-related titles such as "Minecraft: The Story of Mojang" and the crowdfunded "Indie Game: The Movie", both in their special editions. Two movies, "TPB AFK" and "The Art of Playing" are available for free. All movies, with some exception, are priced at $5.99, which GOG plans on becoming the average. Most of the videos come in 1080p quality, but there are some that max out at 720p. Streaming options are also provided. And in GOG fashion, there are freebies packaged with these movies, including posters and wallpapers and whatever goodies GOG can cram in.

Those more interested in playing games than watching about them also have some good news for them, at least for those in certain countries. GOG will now be allowing payment in Euros, Pounds Sterlings, Australian Dollars, or Russian Roubles. Of course, buyers can opt to still pay in US dollars, which remains GOG's primary currency, should they desire. However, currency conversion is a tricky matter, and while GOG won't equate $1 with 1€, there are games that will end up with a local price that is far more than the US dollar equivalent. In cases such as those, GOG is offering its new Fair Price Package, where they will refund buyers the difference of the price in case they end up paying higher than the equivalent dollar price. This refund goes into the buyers Store Credit, which they can then later use to buy other items.

Now for the bad news. GOG is doing some spring cleaning and will be culling a few items from its list. But to honor its promise of informing its users beforehand, it is announcing which ones will get the boot and will give them ample time to grab those titles before they disappear from DRM-free heaven. There are 35 games on that list, which include titles such as the Gothic and Spellforce series. GOG, however, will be throwing gamers a bone by offering those games at 80 percent off, all until September 2, 3:59 a.m. GMT. Rest assured, tough, that once bought, those games will remain in your inventory even after they're long gone from GOG's listing.

Compared to these heavyweight announcements, news that the GOG.com website has received a facelift might seem almost inconsequential. But those who regularly browse the site through their mobile devices will appreciate that its now "mobile-friendly" and shows you the most relevant content, which in this case are promos and discounts. There is even a tease of GOG Galaxy "cloud" platform features coming in the next few months, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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