Godzilla 2014 vs US Air Force: real talk

Godzilla is nearly at our doorstep. In less than a week, Godzilla's 2014 big-screen movie will be bringing mayhem to the world. Understandably, the folks at Air & Space with the Smithsonian decided it'd make far more sense to speak about the film with the United States Air Force than the filmmakers – not about the film, but about Godzilla himself.

What would the United States Air Force do if Gozilla invaded Japan? A couple of specialists from the USAF's 18th Wing at Kadena Air Base were questioned on what they'd do – or how they'd plan – were Godzilla to attack.

Senior Airman Mark Hermann, 33RD Rescue Squadtron Special Mission Aviator as well as Master Sergeant Jason Edwards, 18th Wing Public Affairs, answered questions on behalf of the 18th Wing. You'll find some of their answers lighthearted, and others as serious as Godzilla himself.

You'll find also that these fellow mention "Chief C-Z." This is the 18th Wing's Command Chief Master Sergeant Ramón Colón-López, also known – according to Air & Space – as the team's "own Air Force super-hero." Edwards also calls upon the Power Rangers, Chuck Norris, The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Lee, Tom Brokaw, and George W. Bush.

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VIA: Air & Space