God of War Collection hits PS Vita: fortune changer?

The PS Vita hasn't been a monumental hit – but that's not stopping developers from producing – and porting – games at a rather high rate. This week one of the most epic series of games ever to have been produced for the PlayStation 2 is headed for the PlayStation Vita. It's time for God of War.

Both God of War and God of War 2 are coming in one single package. This is God of War Collection, and it's fully utilizing the odd set of controls brought forth to the PS Vita – touch and all. You'll be opening cases with taps on the back of the unit, snapping bars on doors with taps to the front.

This game will be released in its digital iteration as soon as this afternoon. You'll find it moderately priced and prepared to be a hot-seller for this summer. Meanwhile – we wait for the rest of the series to be brought to PlayStation 4.

This is another entry in the digital library available to the PS Vita. While we're pumped that God of War has finally made its way to this generation, we'll be double-pumped for cross-platform releases of the future. This is what we want, dude.