Goal Zero Venture 35 and 75 pair portable power with IP67

Goal Zero has upgraded two of its most popular portable batteries, with the Venture 35 and 75 wrapping their li-ion hearts with a sturdier casing and more flexible ports. Successors to the old Venture 30 and 70, the new models start at under $70 and include convenience features like a built-in LED flashlight.

The big difference for 2021, though, is the casing. Both the Venture 75 and 35 are now IP67 compliant, meaning they're more dustproof and waterproof than before. IP67 means they should be able to withstand immersion in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without issue.

The Venture 35 has a 9,600 mAh battery, and both USB-A and USB-C ports. The USB-A can deliver 5V, up to 3A each, for a total of 15W. The USB-C, meanwhile, can deliver 5-12V, up to 3A for a total of 18W; it can also be used to recharge the Power Bank, with that taking 3 hours on an 18W supply. Alternatively, it'll take 4 hours on a 2.4A USB-A connection, or as little as 4 hours with Goal Zero's Nomad 20 solar panel.

Goal Zero says you'll get about three full charges of a smartphone out of the Venture 35's battery, or a single recharge of the typical tablet.

If you need more juice – such as to power a laptop, even – then the Venture 75 may fit the bill. It has a larger 19,200 mAh battery and more flexible ports, with support for USB-C PD that can deliver 5-20V up to 3A for a maximum of 60W.

There's also USB-A output, at 5V and up to 3A each, with 15W maximum. The increased USB-C output doesn't just help power external devices but also improve recharging time for the Venture 75 itself, with a 60W adapter getting it fully charged again in about 90 minutes. With a Nomad 20 solar panel you're looking at 6-11 hours, meanwhile, or 6 hours with a larger Nomad 50.

Overall, you're looking at enough power inside for up to 5 smartphone recharges, or up to 2 tablet recharges. A USB-C PD connected laptop should get a full recharge from the Venture 75.

Both versions use a new design, with a rubber sleeve to add more drop and scuff protection. There are also waterproof plugs, to cover the USB ports when not in use. Both models have a 50 lumens emergency LED flashlight, too.

The Venture 35 Power Bank is priced at $69.95, while the Venture 75 Power Bank is $119.95. Goal Zero also offers them in bundles with its portable solar panels, for those looking to keep the power topped-up while remaining off the grid.