Gmail gets full-screen compose option by popular demand

In October, Google rolled out a new Gmail compose box that would allow users to reference past emails and other content in the account while composing. While it was a handy change and addressed issues many had complained about, others weren't happy when it became the default option. Now, by popular demand, a full-screen option has been added.

Google announced the new feature today on Google+, saying that it was prodded to add a full-screen compose window by feedback it received from users. The option doesn't do away with the current pop-out compose window, which is fixed to the right side of the inbox, instead giving a second option for those who prefer it.

With the new full-screen mode, the compose window expands to fill most of the center of the user's display, with the outer margins dimming gray for a proper writing session. This can be achieved either temporarily, depending on need, or set as the default way Gmail's compose box shows up when a new message is started.

The full-screen option can be triggered by clicking the Expand button on the menu bar. To make the expanded view your default option, the More Options menu on the bottom of the box holds the "Default to full-screen" option, which can be toggled on and off as desired. Those who don't see it yet should be seeing it within the next couple days, since it is happening in waves.

In addition to the full-screen compose window, the formatting toolbar is also now on by default, making it easier to get to the formatting tools that, upon a quick glance, had seemed to disappear when the design change first took place.

SOURCE: Google