Google launches new compose and reply view in Gmail

Gmail is pretty fantastic, and Google has been doing a great job of keeping it updated and bringing in new features, but it still has its few quirks. One of those quirks is that there was no way to refer back to past emails without saving and closing out of the email you're currently writing first. However, Google has finally fixed that.

The company has introduced a new compose and reply view that shows as a pop-up of sorts, similar to chat windows, that allows you to browse your Gmail inbox while composing or replying to an email at the same time. Google says this makes it easier during those times when you have to refer back to past emails in order to find information that you need for the email that you're currently working on.

The new feature allows you essentially have two windows open, and you no longer have to save and close your draft before finding older emails that you need. Plus, you can use the new feature to simply keep an eye on your inbox while you write and reply to emails, as well as search for emails and open up other emails without interrupting the one you're working on.

Google also says that, since the compose and reply windows work like chats, you can have multiple emails open at once, and minimize each of them if you wish to finish them later. This is no doubt a huge feature for Gmail, and will save countless clicks, as well as countless hours. Now, if only there was a feature that could just take care of all my email for me...