GM to differentiate SUV and truck designs with 2014 models

If you know anything about SUVs and trucks from General Motors, you'll know that the company has largely been replicating their designs so that certain SUVs and trucks match each other. However, starting with their 2014 models, GM will be giving each of its vehicles a unique look to separate them from the pack.

The company has announced that they're dropping the cookie-cutter approach to the interiors and exteriors of its full-size SUVs and pickup trucks, beginning with the redesigned 2014 models. We already took a look at the 2014 Silverado and Sierra from Chevrolet and GMC, respectively, but it looks like 2014 SUVs, like the Tahoe, Suburban, and Yukon, will look a bit different this time around.

Chris Hilts, creative manager of interior design at General Motors, says that in the past, the company has "shared SUV and truck interiors. That is not the case going forward." When the Chevrolet Tahoe and the Suburban, the GMC Yukons, and the Cadillac Escalades get their redesigns for 2014, they'll be getting their own instrument panels, consoles, instrumentation, knobs, materials, and other design elements.

Previously, the Escalades and Yukons shared similar door panels, but since these two vehicles have different prices ranges that cater towards different types of people, GM thought it was necessary to finally give each of their SUVs a unique look that differentiated from one another. Essentially, GM says that a 2014 Silverado and a 2014 Tahoe will look completely different, and won't have similar qualities that the two vehicles have shared for so long.

[via Car and Driver]