Globe shuns fake snow for 160 characters

Chris Davies - Jun 26, 2007, 3:46pm CDT

In my day job we’ve got one of those infernal text-messaging systems where people can send in their suggestions and queries for us to ponder over.  The average day sees a number of obscenities, sexual suggestions that would be illegal in a number of US states and the odd message so riddled with “txt spk” that I’ve had to plug a USB-13-year-old into the computer to decipher it.  Since I’m the one who usually ends up checking the mailbox, I’m indecently tempted by this 360-degree textable message globe so that everyone else in the office could share in the joy of being told “U blO goatz”.


 Textable 360-degree display

Inside the glass sphere is a fast-rotating multicolour LED array which takes advantage of persistence-of-vision to give the impression of a scrolling message floating in space.  Since it has a SIM card slot all you need is a mains power supply and you’re sorted – no networking or complicated setup required – and before long people can send you a variety of filth for the 85 LEDs to spell out in glorious technicolour.

 Textable display sphere

It’s available now for £1,389.68 ($2,578).

Product Page [via Shiny Shiny]

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