Glass teardown cost estimate denied by Google

Though Google Glass is not yet available to the average consumer, a relatively small number of the devices exist in the hands of "Explorers," the number of which just increased in recent times. Because of the nature of the Explorer program, Glass is priced at $1,500 for those with the opportunity to buy.

The eventual price tag for Glass (the one that applies when the device is officially launched) is expected to be lower by two-thirds or so. The actual cost of the components that comprise the wearable are lower still, obviously, and a recent teardown by Tech Insights has been used to form an estimate.

The total cost of the components is estimated by those who did the teardown to be a touch under $80, though they advise readers the number could change once the final estimate is made. The price is broken down by component, and includes things like $13.96 for the processor, $5.66 for the camera, and $3.00 for the display.

Of course, that looks at components only, and doesn't look into other factors related to the program and development. Regardless, Google has responded to the report in a brief statement to the WSJ, saying that it is "absolutely wrong."

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal