Glam trash bags: Only true divas need apply

Ever have that neighbor that is just too good for anything common?  I think everyone has had at least one person in their life that reminds you of a Stepford Housewife.  You may just want to recommend these trashbags for them, they would be right up their alley.

I love anything pretty or personalized, but these are even a bit much for me.  However, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket and you really enjoy showing off to the garbage men you might want to snag some of these.

The bags are made of durable plastic and even have a drawstring so you can strut your stuff in style while carrying out the trash.  The Damask trash bags are 20-13 gallons and are priced at 20 for $10.

Garbage Bags for the Glamorous [via uberreview]