Gizmodo get their hands on Zonbu’s remote-storage Linux PC

Chris Davies - May 23, 2007, 3:44pm CDT

Ever since the beginning of the broadband age we’ve been promised thin-clients relying on secure, off-site storage with all our lovely files and media whizzing through the chunky ADSL pipes.  Sadly that hasn’t really happened; yes, online backup is profligate and we’re used to using massive email dumping grounds like Gmail, but we’re still expected to have full, power-hungry and ever-ageing PCs at home for the bulk of storage duties.  Gizmodo have been playing with a halfway solution, Zonbu’s $99 Linux PC, which runs open-source software on a fanless 1.2MHz platform but utilises Amazon’s S3 storage servers to save your files.


 Zonbu Linux PC passive cooling

It relies on a monthly subscription to hit that $99 price: $13-20 a month for 25 to 100GB of synchronised storage.  The OS and local cache is kept to a 4GB Compact Flash card, it has 6 USB ports, VGA, mic and headphone out. PS2 Mouse and keyboard connectivity, and while ethernet is standard WiFi is an option.

Zonbu Linux PC ports

So far the Giz boys seem happy; we’ll have to wait and see how successful the ongoing subscription model works for them.  The first 500 ship in June, while there’ll be a full release in September.

Included software:

Browser: Firefox
Email and Calendar: Evolution
IM: Pidgin works with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and IRC networks.
VOIP: Skype
Peer-to-Peer clients: Azureus and aMule. Bit Torrent and other standard protocols such as eMule and eDonkey.
Office productivity: Open Office. word processor, spreadsheet, presentation,draw, database, math, Acrobat, Personal Finance Manager.
Media Player: MPlayer
Music Library: Banshee
Photo Organizer: F-Spot
Sound: Sound Recorder and Recording Level Monitor.
Photo Editor: Gimp
Web Page Editor: Nvu

22 things to know about the the $99 Zonbu Linux PC [Gizmodo]

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