Give messy cables the Bird-Electron

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's untidy cables.  I've been known to roundly thrash a grown man for leaving a single headphone extension lead trailing messily across the corner of my desk.  And if you're going to tidy, then you may as well tidy in style; oh, and with a daft name, too. 

The Bird-Electron Keeperse Cable Organizer satisfies both those factors.  Made from stainless-steel in good old Japan, it's $55 of shiny, cable-taming loveliness.

Foam fingers grip the cords, while you can bolt the whole thing to a desk or bench through pre-drilled holes.  It could also be used as a toast-rack for very thin bread.

Available now from AudioCubes.

Product Page [AudioCubes]