Gita courier robot will "travel at human speeds with human agility"

The brand new company Piaggio Fast Forward have introduced their first product: Gita, an autonomous miniature vehicle for luggage. At least, that's what the folks at Piaggio Fast Forward suggest Gita is, a vehicle – but it might be easier to understand as a suitcase that's able to follow its user around an airport. This suitcase is also able to move autonomously in a mapped environment, avoiding obstacles as they appear.

This device is able to carry 40-pounds of weight and can reach a max speed of 22-miles per hour. At 26-inches tall, this suitcase is the size of a very tiny child, and can get around a lot faster than any tiny child you've likely ever met. Gita is "designed to travel at human speeds with human agility."

"Think about how much more freely you would be able to move from one point to another if lugging cumbersome items was removed from the equation. Gita frees up the human hand to focus on complex and creative everyday tasks by taking over mundane transportation chores." said Jeffrey Schnapp, CEO of Piaggio Fast Forward. "You can also send your Gita off on missions while you are busy doing something more pressing."

Above and below you'll see the Gita in action – sort of – from Gita's perspective. This software interface isn't finalized, and the device used to film this video probably isn't Gita at all. But it's a teaser – a preview to show the possibilities with this vehicle.

At this time the folks at Piaggio Fast Forward have not revealed any set release time or consumer-aimed programs for the Gita – the same going for pricing. Piaggio Fast Forward has suggested that on the 2nd of February they'll be showing the device off in greater detail, at which time we'll likely have a release date and/or pricing to share.

Another very similar product was revealed not too long ago. The Starship Technologies delivery robots will likely be doing battle with the Piaggio Fast Forward crew and Gita if both devices come to full fruition in the same market.