Ginger Keyboard for iOS 8 hides a word processor inside

JC Torres - Sep 4, 2014, 8:00am CDT
Ginger Keyboard for iOS 8 hides a word processor inside

It is inevitable that there would be a rush of third-party apps vying for users’ attention and love the moment Apple opened the iOS 8 keyboard to other developers. But given many almost similar choices in the market, it might be hard to stand out. Ginger Keyboard, however, might manage to pull that off, by putting the power of your own personal editor right under your fingertips, literally.

As a virtual keyboard, Ginger Keyboard does have all the staples you’d find in almost any other smartphone or tablet keyboard in App Store (or Google Play Store, for that matter). You’ve got text prediction, auto correct, learning algorithms and soon even swipe gestures. It even lets you keep a personal dictionary to add those words that the English language knows nothing about. However, the true power of Ginger Keyboard lies not in the keyboard itself but in how it ties in with Ginger’s other app: Ginger Page.

Ginger Page is a writing app for iOS, but it is pretty much a word processor in disguise. You get features like grammar checking, translations, contextual synonyms, and text reader, things you would usually associate with a full-blown word processor. And now you will get all of that on your tiny keyboard as well. With a tap of a key, Ginger Keyboard delivers those same features to any app via the keyboard. Now you can proof read that SMS or e-mail and avoid embarrassment.


Ginger Keyboard also takes customization to the extreme. It even goes beyond keyboards that offer pre-baked looks. Ginger Keyboard offers a theming mechanism that lets you select a theme of your choice, not what the developers choose. But more that than, you can even make your own theme and then share it with others so they too may benefit from your artistic talents.

Personalized, productive, and beautiful. Those are what Ginger Keyboard will bring to the iOS 8 table. The keyboard itself will be available for free, but developers Ginger Software plan on including some in-app purchases for buying additional themes or unlocking options when building your own themes. At launch, only the English language is supported but additional languages are promised to follow.

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