Gillian Anderson as Carmen Sandiego: the anti-Scully

A number of photos appear showing Gillian Anderson in a bright red full-length coat and hat, prompting rumors of a return of Carmen Sandiego. What happens when you put on a wide-brimmed bright red hat and a bright red coat and sit in a bus terminal? People assume you're hiding something. People assume you're part of the international 90's hit TV series Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego. Sadly, they'd be wrong. They'd be entirely, shockingly, and unabatedly wrong, PBS for Kids style.

Instead of Carmen Sandiego, Gillian Anderson will be appearing on the TV show Hannibal. That's just about as far away from a kids show as you're going to be able to get. In addition, the images you're seeing here, created by anonymous donors and the verifiably sadistic, are meant to be blue, not red.

Royal blue is the true color of Anderson's coat and hat here, no matter how much you want them to be red. She's not hiding from a pack of clue-finding kids. She's almost certainly investigating a murder.

Above: pewpew.jpg

In Hannibal Season 3, Anderson will continue to play Hannibal Lecter's psychotherapist. She might also be a very close companion of Lecter's by the time this season is over.

It's a bummer that Anderson won't be playing our favorite odd game-based staple of a woman from our collective childhoods, but hey.

At least she'll still be around.

In more than one place, of course.

UPDATE: If you've created any of the images above, please let us know. We're in search of the culprits!