Gigabyte mini-DTX motherboard offers compact dual-core grunt

Looking at Intel's new mini-ITX board that Scott wrote about earlier, but disappointed by the Celeron 215 processor?  Gigabyte might have the answer with their slightly-larger but still compact Churchill mini-DTX motherboard, capable of sporting CPUs from the Athlon 64 or Sempron single or dual-core ranges.


Gigabyte's mini-DTX 'boards are 20cm by 17cm (as opposed to mini-ITX's 17cm-square), but can take a PCIe card, a normal PCI card, connect up to six SATA drives using 1.5Gbps/sec ports with native command queueing, as well as boasting eight USB ports and on-board sound. 

Churchill has a SiS761GX north bridge and SiS966 south bridge, with integrated Mirage 1 graphics, and an optional TPM security module for the paranoid among you.  Price is yet to be decided, but we'll find out in July when Churchill launches.

Gigabyte [via Electronista]