Gigabyte M912 touchscreen netbook unboxed on video

Having found out on Monday that Gigabyte's diminutive M912 convertible touchscreen tablet would start from just $556, interest in the Atom-powered ultraportable has steadily increased.  UMPC Portal's Chippy has one of the first demo models, and he's put together his unboxing and first impressions video (which you can see after the cut).

First impressions suggest a solid little machine, and if Gigabyte haven't made any glaring mistakes I can see this becoming a very popular netbook.  Right now manufacturers seem to be struggling to find a unique selling point against ASUS' combination of Eee brand-name recognition and price point; adding a touchscreen and tablet functionality could be Gigabyte's ace card.

Chippy is promising live video testing of the M912, where you'll be able to watch the ultraportable running CrystalMark benchmarks and ask questions.  It starts at 6pm GMT (as of writing that's in just over 1.5hrs).