Gigabyte M528 loses some ‘Mobile Internet’ kudos: 3G not included

Chris Davies - Aug 18, 2008, 8:39pm CDT

It was all going so well for Gigabyte’s M528 MID.  After the preorder pricing news broke late last week – suggesting $685 in the US or £429 in the UK – a surprisingly large number of people started to imagine an immediate future with a MID in it.  Now some slight clarification on the part of Expansys has scuppered those hopes: the M528, in its standard configuration, won’t include 3G.

HSDPA was one of the headline features of the M528, in fact nearly-ubiquitous connectivity was a major bullet-point in Intel’s original MID (Mobile Internet Device) concept.  Without it, the M528 is limited to either WiFi connections or using your cellphone as a tethered modem (either physically, by cable, or wirelessly via Bluetooth).

Expansys are now stating “LAN/Wireless LAN – 802.11b/g via SDIO I/F, HSDPA available through mini card module (available separately)” for the M528’s connectivity options, however there is no mention of how much the 3G “mini card module” will cost, or when it will be available.  A version of the MID with 3G preinstalled is also not listed, either on Expansys or on Gigabyte’s own site.

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