Ghost Recon Online Goes Free-To-Play

Leading up to E3 2011, several publishers are releasing details on upcoming games and developments. At an event today in Los Angeles, Ubisoft made a surprise announcement that it would be offering a new free-to-play online version of its popular Ghost Recon game.

Ghost Recon Online will be a third-person, multiplayer, cover-based tactical shooting game exclusively for PCs. Although the game will be online and is free to start playing, Ubisoft promises "rich graphical environments and maps, which rival the quality of those traditionallly seen only n retail games."

The free-to-play format would mean that gamers can jump right in with no upfront cost and only have to pay real money for in-game virtual items that personalize or enhance the gameplay such as power-ups or weapons. Recently, Activision has also talked about releasing a free-to-play Call of Duty version for the Chinese market, where this type of game model is very popular.

The beta version of Ghost Recon Online is set to begin within the next few months. You can take a look at the trailer below and sign up at their official website. But do let us know what you think after watching the trailer before you head over there.

[via 1UP]