Ghost Pokemon GO right now: How to find 9 species for Halloween

Pokemon GO Research right now includes a significant amount of Ghost Type Pokemon requirements. If you plan on completing the research in a timely fashion, you'll need to start tossing Pokeballs at tens of Ghost Type Pokemon, and keep it up through the end of the month. But wait, you might be saying – how am I supposed to find 9 different species?

At one point in the Research in Pokemon GO this Halloween season, a task requires that you find 9 different species of Ghost Type Pokemon. This might seem like an impossible task, given the suggestion from Niantic that you'll see approximately 12 Pokemon in the wild without quite the number you need to reach that magic 9 Ghost Species.

In reality, we're seeing more Pokemon than are mentioned by Niantic in their press release and/or guide on the subject – we've got all the ghosts we need out here, if we know where to look!

• Misdreavus

• Gastly

• Shuppet

• Banette (Raid)

• Duskull

• Yamask

• Galarian Yanmask

• Sableye

• Frillish

• Drifloon

• Drifblim (Raid)

• Giratina (Raid)

• Mega Gengar (Raid)

• Shedinja*

• Hoopa*

* Shedinja appears as a reward encounter with Misunderstood Mischief (complete the 9th part).

* Hoopa appears as a reward encounter with Misunderstood Mischief (complete 3rd part).

On the 22nd of October, we'll also see a few new Pokemon – Ghost Pokemon, mind you! You can use all four of these Pokemon to complete the "9 Species" task – though only Phantump and Pumpkaboo will likely be appearing in the wild.

• Phantump

• Trevenant

• Pumpkaboo

• Gourgeist

Most players will need to wait until the 22nd of October for Phantump and Pumpkaboo to be released before they can get past this bit of research. Until then, make sure you're using those Pinap Berries – make that double-candy Halloween action count twice as much more!

Be sure you're tapping ALL of those spiders, too. Spinarak is effectively garbage-tier Pokemon for fighting, but their Shiny iterations have just been added to the game this Halloween season, so the potential for Shiny is higher than normal. Tap in, check, and tap out!