Getting your Wii online

Chris Davies - Nov 23, 2006, 3:54 pm CST

Seeing as that lovely happy Wii you queued so patiently to acquire is sat there under your widescreen TV permanently connected to your internet connection, wouldn’t it be nice if you could use it to surf when you’re not gesturing like a crazy person? Out of the box, however, you can’t… but Mobility Today has had a top tip from a person named “sitedude” as to how you can (quite easily) set it up yourself.

Instructions after the cut…

Tools Used:

WifiMax Nintendo Wii Wireless Dongle
Computer (PC)

Step One:

  1. Download Simple DNS Plus at
  2. Install Simple DNS Plus

Step Two:

  1. Once you have Simple DNS Plus opened goto Tools -> Edit DNS Records
  2. In the DNS records goto tools –> Quick Domain Wizard
  3. In the domain field type “”
  4. For the webserver ip type in the ip of the website to goto (if you want to find out the ip goto cmd prompt and type ping
  5. Google’s IP is
  6. as the “Web Server IP”
  7. Erase the secondary DNS Server and press OK

On the Wii

  1. Goto the Wii Menu
  2. Wii Settings
  3. Internet
  4. Connection Settings
  5. Chose your connection
  6. Change settings
  7. Click next 3 times until you get to the DNS setup,
  8. Click Advanced Settings
  9. Then enter the primary DNS as your computers IP address: (to get that goto cmd prompt on the computer and type ipconfig)
  10. Click ok and launch the Shopping Channel, it should bring up google now!

I’d love to hear from anyone who tries this.

Homebrew Wii Browsing [Mobility Today]

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