Get AR Stickers on rooted Nexus 6P, OnePlus 3, Xiaomi Mi 5

Having a bit of Star Wars or Stranger Things envy from those with the Google Pixel phones? Worry not for the Force is strong with the Android community. Especially if, like a true Rebel, you have rooted your phone. If you are one of the Chosen few with a rooted Nexus 6P, OnePlus 3 or 3T, or a Xiaomi Mi 5, you can also join in on the whimsical fun of having Storm Troopers and very imaginative kids invade your world with Google's latest AR Stickers.

Next to VR, AR and MR (Mixed Reality) is the new computing trend. But just like VR, mobile devices are limited by both hardware and the software available to make such realities. So until Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore really take off, phones will have to settle for AR Stickers. Plenty of AR Stickers.

Just this week, Google rolled out two sets of such stickers based on the Stranger things and Star Wars franchises. Calling them stickers is probably a misnomer, since they are really virtual 3D objects superimposed on our real 3D world. Plus, they can move around with a sort of sense of their location as well as other objects in the background.

They're definitely fun, that is, if you own a Google Pixel or Pixel 2 and their XL counterparts. Most other smartphones are out of luck as the APKs for these stickers are hardcoded to only work on the aforementioned four Pixel phones. Fortunately, this is Android we're talking about.

If you have a rooted Nexus 6P, you can "fake" your phone's build to be a Google Pixel phone. The process for the OnePlus 3/3T or Xiaomi Mi 5 is a bit more involved, but those brave enough to try have reported positive results.