Geosense for Windows adds geolocation to PCs

It's a little known fact, but Windows 7 – like OS X – has an integrated location platform and API that allows for location-aware applications, taking advantage of technologies like GPS or WiFi triangulation to position the machine.  However, unlike Apple, Microsoft didn't bother to include a geolocation provider, so your fancy PC notebook – off the shelf at least – has no idea where it is.  That's all changed with a new geolocation tool for Windows 7, Geosense for Windows.

Using Google Location Services among others, Geosense for Windows uses a database of known cell towers and WiFi access points to triangulate the computer's position.  It's something we've been waiting for Microsoft – or one of the notebook manufacturers, perhaps – to take advantage of for a while now, so this free download is very welcome.

[via istartedsomething]