George Lucas Mines Star Wars Movies for Last Scrap of Un-merchandised Content in "Frames"

Just kidding, there's infinite content inside a universe that parallels our own, of course, and George Lucas will keep mining Star Wars until the end of time (even beyond his God-given human life.) Today there's a collection of Star Wars memorabilia unlike (to our knowledge) anything those people at the Star Wars camp have ever offered before. This is "Star Wars: Frames," a high-end celebration of exactly 1,416 frames from the 6 live-action Star Wars films. Every single one of these frames has supposedly been hand-picked by George Lucas himself, and each set comes hand-signed by big L as well.

This set is limited edition – can you guess the number of sets that have been made? That's right, 1,138 numbered and signed wood boxes filled with the 6 books in the edition have been created and can be yours for the low low price of $3,000. The box has a Darth Vader seal on one side and a Yoda seal on the other, the wood case is art deco inspired, and each set comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by George Lucas himself.

This project began all the way back on September 9, 2005, when George and his pals Mike Blanchard and J. W. Rinzler (an interesting fellow in his own right) all sat down in an editorial suite at Skywalker Ranch and began selecting images. Two of three times a month, every month, until July 11th, 2008, these three dudes were selecting frames from the films. After that, more than 2 years were required to "solve all of the production challenged presented by the project's exacting requirements." Take a peek at this official info on the case and the medallions surrounding the books:

Constructed from premium hardwoods, this limited edition case measures approximately 25" X 14" X 13" with an extended base. The case features intricate wood inlays from a combination of Padouk, Meranti, and Bubinga, against a hardwood frame of Rubberwood. The finish is an environmentally sensitive water-based product, which provides exquisite luster and enduring protection. This case has outer pocketing to accept the full-relief sculptures of Darth Vader and Yoda, which were created exclusively for Star Wars: Frames. The books inside the case are accessed by means of an innovative spring-loaded storage and retrieval system.

Sound pretty good? I think so. Time to bust out the ol' pocketbook and sell a few automobiles and laptops – this set will run you a cool 3 g's: Star Wars: Frames [$3,000] Run out and buy it now! Or actually just go to the official site and buy em all up.