Genius Scientists Create A Smart Bra

Well meaning scientists decided to create a smart bra. This bra was fastened to a few women who were size D cup or above to see where the strain and discomfort was. They used a special 'revolutionary' fabric containing sensors.

Just so everyone is up to speed here, they made a big expensive bra to find out what millions of women could have told them. Sometimes scientists just need to learn a few social skills. They discovered that the straps cause discomfort on the shoulders, due to thin straps holding too much strain and could cause numbness, tingling and longterm damage. Here is a real revolutionary discovery, women with larger breasts bounce when walking 4 to 6 mph. I know I was shocked by that find, to think all that time I thought they stayed perfectly still. In all fairness they found a measurement of how much they bounce which is as much as 1-2 inches.

Hopefully from all this research and hi-tech equipment they can help solve the issue of that strain. If they could also work on a bra that not only makes it comfortable but can look great under that little black dress then I'm sure we could all overlook how much money they spent to create this smart bra. I'm glad we can live in a world where they can create such fancy devices to tell us what we already know.

Intelligent bra measures "vertical breats displacement" or wobbling [via shinyshiny]