Gen 3 Pokemon GO Cheat Sheet Update

The Gen 3 Pokemon GO update is live, right this minute, and it's time to drop in on the most updated cheat sheet available. This cheat sheet makes sense of the Pokemon out in the wild right now, right alongside what'll be coming in the immediate future. Gen 3 has an amazing, beautiful, powerful set of Pokemon in it, but for many users it's the first really unfamiliar generation. You're going to learn today!

Roselia, Slakoth, Gulpin, Zangoose, Electrike, Makuhita, Wurmple – what in the good gravy is going on here? There's a lot going on in the new meta – but the whole gang exists within a limited set of moves and abilities. The following Pokemon are what you're going to want to seek out – if you want the best battlers, that is to say.

NOTE: SOME of the Pokemon listed above you can pretty much skip catching after you've caught one or two. See below for the monsters you're going to WANT to catch.

Gen 3's Best in Pokemon GO

The smallest Pokemon you should be going after are Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Ralts, Slakoth, Makuhita, Aron, Feebas, Spheal, Bagon, Beldum. These Pokemon evolve into the most powerful Pokemon in the third generation. There's also Relicanth – but we'll get to that in a moment.

Seek These Tiny Pokemon (with candy evolution cost) :

• Treecko 25

• Torchic 25

• Mudkip 25

• Ralts 25

• Slakoth 25

• Makuhita 50

• Aron 25

• Feebas 100

• Spheal 25

• Trapinch

• Bagon 25

• Beldum 25

Next to each of the Pokemon above is the amount of candy it'll take to evolve to the next level. That Feebas is the Gen 3 equivalent of a Magikarp – thank goodness it's not 400 candy like it was to get to Gyarados! While Gyarados is a better attacker, Milotic will likely be used mostly as a defender – and it's only one type: Water!

Seek These Top-Level Pokemon (with top possible CP) :

• Sceptile 2584

• Blaziken 2631

• Swampert 2815 *

• Gardevoir 2964

• Slaking 5441 †

• Hariyama 2765

• Aggron 3004

• Milotic 2967

• Walrein 2606

• Flygon 2458

• Relicanth 255 ¥

• Salamence 3532

• Metagross 3637

* Before any other future Generations of Pokemon are released, Swampert and its Ground/Water type combo will likely be (subjectively) the best Pokemon in the game. The only type of Pokemon that'll really stand a chance against this monster is a beastly Grass type. Just so long as you never run into a Sceptile or an Exeggutor – no problem!

† If you're going for pure mass, there's no other Pokemon in the game more potentially humongous than Slaking. The topmost perfect Slaking can reach 5441 CP, and can only attack once every other turn in the original Pokemon game. You'll want to get a Slaking as quick as possible now, just in case future versions are kicked in the knee because its too powerful.

¥ Relicanth is a very weird Pokemon. It's not the most massive CP-wise, but Rock/Water is a rare combo indeed. Getting a massive Relicanth will be a true challenge.


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