Geek crams all iPhone generations into water

We all know that the average electronic device and water don't mix. There are a few exceptions to this rule with devices like ruggedized computers, cameras, and a few rugged phones that can survive a splash in water or even being submerged for a bit of time. Most of us spend considerable effort to prevent our phones from coming in contact with water, but have you ever wondered what would happen to all the iPhone generations if water were introduced?

A geek called Zach Straley has taken a collection of iPhones ranging from the iPhone 2G up to the iPhone 6S and put them all into water. That is ten different iPhones in all. For the test it appears that he is hot gluing them all to a cutting board.

I bet all those phones cost a good bit of cash. After the gluing is over, he labels all the devices and then gets a big bucket of water. With stopwatches running on the phones, he douses them into the water all at once.

As you expect the older iPhones tend to succumb to the water first with the iPhone 2G quickly dying. The most surprising thing to me was that the iPhone 3G flittered on and off longer than all of the much newer devices. Perhaps more interesting is that in this test the iPhone 6S seemed to die as quickly as any other smartphone. The surprise in that is that we have heard before that the iPhone 6S is able to survive in water very well, but that wasn't the case here.