Gears of War 4 gets festive with snowball fights and holiday gear

Overwatch and Destiny aren't the only big games getting into the holiday spirit with special events, Microsoft's Gears of War 4 has its own snow-themed gameplay rolling out. Dubbed "Gearsmas," GoW4's event includes lots of holiday-appropriate cosmetic items, along with a new and unique Snowball Fight play mode. The event is live now for all GoW4 players, and will run until January 4th.

As far as new things for players to do, Gearsmas' main attraction is the Snowball Fight mode. Players are given the Snowshot, a holiday version of the Boomshot weapon, which fires explosive snowballs. The mode plays with team deathmatch rules, with players only carrying up to 2 snowballs, and to keep it in tune with real snowball fights, they'll have to hustle to grab more snow ammo.

The other part of the event lies in the Gearsmas Packs, which can be purchased in-game for 400 credits or for $1 on the Xbox Marketplace. These packs include a selection of 28 cosmetic items, such as "ugly sweater" armor, along with gingerbread and wrapping paper weapon skins.

Separate from these Gearsmas Packs, players can also get an exclusive Ice Boomshot gift just for logging into the game on December 27th.

For those who don't yet own GoW4 but want to get in on the holiday fun, Microsoft is making December the perfect time to buy. From now until December, the game is 35% off its normal price around the globe, making it $39 in the US. This offer is available on both the Microsoft Store website and the Xbox Marketplace.

SOURCE Xbox Wire