Gear's Heart by Haruki Nakamura: papercraft videos

These papercraft sculptures have been around for some time now, but there's nothing like a little hand-cranked hypnosis for kicking off a Tuesday morning.  The work of Paper engineer Haruki Nakamura, it was actually submitted to an art contest back in 2005.Check out the hypnotic Gear's Heart video after the cut

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a DIY guide to making your own version.  Saying that, I lack the skill to make even a decent paper aeroplane, so I don't know what I'm thinking wondering if I could construct an elaborately-cogged heart sculpture.

Below is a second video, for a geared cube model.  It's impressive, but somehow less so than the heart; maybe because we're not used to unorthodox shapes breaking up and then reforming again?

[via Core77]