Gear S smartwatch to load traffic-powered apps

Samsung has announced that they'll be teaming with Inrix to bring a variety of traffic-powered apps and functionality to the Gear S smartwatch this Autumn and Winter. With Inrix real-time traffic updates, the Gear S will be able to send the user traffic time insight, telling them when the best time of day will be to take a trip, head to the store, or head home from work. This will work with the INRIX XD Traffic app specially aimed at Gear S users.

The Inrix suite of traffic apps will also be working with the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. There's a "My Places" widget that'll be ready to roll with glance-and-go insights for best routes and travel time and ETAs to and from work and home.

Car Mode allows users to work with voice controls and large fonts and buttons for full driver-friendly use. Real-time traffic maps show best routes and ETAs, caution the driver on nearby accidents, and give real-time insight on closest available off-street parking.

Samsung also introduced the "Morning! Smart Alarm Clock" app that works to keep you up and going with weather, INRIX traffic information for your route to work, appointments, and email alerts. Through the app, Inrix will let you know when the best time to leave for work will be based on traffic and alerts them to accidents before they get anywhere near them.

Now we see how the rest of the smartwatch world reacts. Real-time traffic in the house.