Gear Live nurse the Lensbaby

I'm no photographer – unless you count certain through-the-curtain peep shots of squirrels making minxery in the back garden – but I do appreciate a well-composed picture.  Some of the most interesting shots are taken when focus is tweaked, such as is done by Lensbaby's range of tilt-shift focus lens bellows.

Gear Live took advantage of a threaded screw and affixed a Lensbaby 3G to their favourite digital SLR.  Check out their views and some sample shots after the cut.

Directing the poseable lens shifts a "sweet spot" around the frame, keeping that point in focus while allowing the rest of the image to blur in a pleasing way.  This latest in the range allows you to lock the angle and hence maintain it between shots.  Gear Live found that, while it's undoubtedly a gimmicky effect, it's nonetheless a good one.

The Lensbaby 3G retails for $270 and is available with several mounting options.

Lensbaby 3G In-depth Review [Gear Live]