Geak Watch II boasts two displays, hits funding goal

Last summer we saw the GEAK Watch, an Android-toting smartwatch that will soon be getting an upgrade in the form of a new model. The GEAK Watch II has been successfully funded and will be shipping this coming January, bringing with it a stylish design and the features you'd expect to find in a smartwatch: fitness tracking, message and call notifications, and more. The maker is hailing GEAK Watch II as "the world's first true round panel smart watch – with no dead "sensor" area".

The GEAK Watch II is particularly notable due to its use of two displays: an LCD and an e-ink display. The wearable toggles between the two displays, turning on the LCD when you're using it and reverting to an e-ink display when you're not. This allows it to stay on at all times while conserving battery life — something that hits a week with light use and 3 or 4 days with moderate use.

The wearable's display measures in at 1.36-inches with a 320 x 320 254ppi resolution. This is joined by Dragontrail glass for making it scratch resistant, a magnetic charger, and support for the common 24mm universal watch band. Connectivity includes both WiFi and Bluetooth, and there's a large roster of tracking abilities: step counter, heart rate tracker, air quality index trackers, and more.

The GEAK Watch II was funded through the crowdfunding website Pozible, where it was seeking $16,355 USD and currently sits at $133,074 USD with 34 days to go. A pledge of at least $360 USD will get you the wearable, with the estimated shipping date being set for January 2015.

VIA: Digital Trends