Garmin Vector and Edge 200 target cyclists rich and poor [Video]

Chris Davies - Aug 18, 2011
Garmin Vector and Edge 200 target cyclists rich and poor [Video]

Garmin has launched a pair of new tracking gadgets targeted at cyclists, with the Edge 200 Cycling GPS offering to track your progress on a budget, while the Garmin Vector promises to be the lightest direct measurement power meter on the market. The Edge 200 demands no separate sensors but can still count calories burned, speed, distance and time along with location, and comes wrapped up in a weatherproof housing. However, pro-cyclists will probably get a lot more fun out of the Vector, which measures deflection in the pedal spindle to figure out total power, left and right leg power, and cadence.


Hook up the Vector to a Garmin Edge 800 or Edge 500 – using ANT+ – meanwhile, and you can also collect Normalized Power (NP), Intensity Factor (IF) and Training Stress Score (TSS) data. Unlike other products promising similar datalogging, Garmin’s is designed for easy installation: the injected carbon fiber pedals fit a standard LOOK Keo mount, while the ANT+ pod slots onto most major cranksets. Garmin claims it lets cyclists “measure where it matters” and gain more information on their riding style and performance than position and time alone.

The Edge 200, meanwhile, stores up to 130 hours of ride data and runs for 14hrs on a single charge. It’s compatible with the Garmin Connect online performance community, which can log routes and performance.

Unfortunately, “measuring where it matters” doesn’t come cheap. Garmin says the Vector will cost a not-insignificant $1,499.99 when it hits the market in March 2012. In comparison, the Garmin Edge 200 will be a snip at $149.99 when it lands in Q3 2011.

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