Garmin nuvi 1690 PND with integrated EDGE data clears FCC

A new Garmin PND , the nuvi 1690, has passed through the FCC [pdf link], and it seems to have learned some connectivity tricks from its nuvifone cousins.  The nuvi 1690 includes not only Bluetooth but GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, presumably offering real-time traffic downloads among other things.

Those other things might include POI updates, Google Local searches and two way route transfer from a desktop or online interface, but the 1690 won't support voice calls.  Instead, the integrated Bluetooth will turn the nuvi 1690 into a hands-free kit.  There's also a 1,000mAh battery and, though there's no image to support it, we're presuming a large touchscreen taking up the front face of the PND.

No word from Garmin on when the "connected personal navigation device" may launch, nor how they'll be charging for the data connection.  Connected-PND manufacturer Dash found positioning their products too difficult in the face of low-cost PNDs, and were forced to end hardware production and instead license out their technology.

[via GPSTracklog]