Garden Zombie protects your flowers from small children

When you walk by most peoples' gardens, you'll see some kind of cute statue, maybe of a gnome, or a deer. Those are nice and all, but what if you want something a little bit scary for your garden? I don't know about you, but I love this Garden Zombie.

The picture shows the mulch all nice and neat around him, but I think I'd put some bare dirt around him to make it look like he was really digging his way out of the ground. That would certainly scare off any little kids that wandered too closely.

He's a little expensive at $89, but he would totally be worth it. Well maybe not, it might give my grandma a heart attack if she stopped by to visit. Then again if I had a garden full of flowers that were actually alive, that would probably give her one too.

[via UberReview]