Gaming Is A Sport: Watch DOTA 2 On ESPN With Valve

Broadcasting live from ESPN3, Valve's DOTA 2 championship will be the first video game to take part in the sports network's event coverage. This will begin this Sunday, the 20th of July, on ESPN2, where an exclusive preview of the tournament's final match will roll out with interviews with the players as well as Valve's own Game Newell.

ESPN3 is a multi-platform system that's accessible through as well as the WatchESPN app for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Chromecast (on Android), Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. You will need to be part of an affiliated service provider to get access to this app's content unless you're part of a number of US Colleges and US-based military personnel taking part in ESPN's latest initiative.

[Note: Video is not available]

To watch the ESPN2 event, you'll want to turn to the channel by whatever means necessary starting on Sunday at 8:30PM Pacific Time. ESPN2 is also available through WatchESPN services.

Above and below you'll find several matches shown last week depicting early matches in this International tournament. DOTA 2 players make their way to the top in battles described by veterans and those that understand that their audience may very well be made of newbs.