Gaming celebrity look-alikes

After staring at a game so long, eventually you start seeing things everywhere that remind you of it. Maybe certain people start looking like the hero of the game. Well someone finally took the time to point out a few celebrities that have a striking resemblance to different characters.

Personally, about as creative as I get with spotting similarities between gaming characters and real life, is noticing that Angelina Jolie does indeed look like Lara Croft in the game. Yah, I know, a stellar analysis. Never once did I look at Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 and discover that he looked a lot like David Bowie, but once the pictures are side by side it becomes a bit more obvious.

I can't believe I never saw the resemblance between Half-Life's Gordan Freeman and Eric Clapton. They are so alike that it takes a minute to find the differences between them. Who knows, maybe the designer was a Clapton fan and decided to pay tribute to him. Check out more of the gaming look-alikes here.

[via action trip]