GameStop's PS Vita memory card pricing not official

Despite Sony's PS Vita not being available until February of 2012, GameStop has already posted pricing for the device and its various components back in November. However, gamers reactions to the high prices of the memory cards may have resulted in Sony's recent claims that the GameStop pricing isn't official yet and that gamers should stay tuned for more details.

According to Kotaku's Stephen Totilo, multiple Sony reps confirmed with him this week that the GameStop pricing is not final and that the proprietary PS Vita memory cards are not a hidden cost. GameStop listed the 4GB memory card at $29.99, but Sony reps say that it should be $24.99. The 8GB memory card is listed as $49.99 but it, too, should be corrected to $39.99.

Sony revealed earlier this week that Gamers wanting to use multiple PSN accounts on one PS Vita device would have to use multiple memory cards. PSN accounts are tied to each card and therefore gamers wanting to switch accounts on a single card would have to do a complete factory reset. Multiple card can be used one PSN account.

[via PlayStation Lifestyle]