Sony says PS Vita allows multiple PSN accounts

Following reports earlier this week that Sony's upcoming PS Vita was limited to only one PSN account, Sony has responded to clarify that the device can actually support multiple accounts. But there's a catch to that. Sony revealed that each PSN account is tied to the PS Vita's memory card and thus to have multiple accounts you will need to have multiple cards.

According to Sony associate brand marketing manager Crystal MacKenzie, who spoke with, PSN accounts are tied to the PS Vita's proprietary memory cards. You can have multiple memory cards with different PSN accounts associated with each and used them on one PS Vita device. You can also have multiple memory cards with the same PSN account.

However, if you want to change the accounts on each memory card you will have to do a factory reset on your PS Vita. "Your PSN ID is bonded to your memory card and your memory card is bonded to your Vita," said MacKenzie. "So if you wanted to change different PSN users but use the same memory card, you would need to go factory reset."

The Sony PS Vita is set to launch in the US starting on February 22. There will be a WiFi-only model priced at $249 and a WiFi and 3G model priced at $299.