GameStop to become a retro gaming destination

Gamestop isn't just accepting the old consoles for trade-ins, the company aims to be a new destination for retro gamers everywhere. Unfortunately, you won't be able to find priceless, old E.T. game cartridges in stores because GameStop will be selling its retro games through an online shop after each game goes through its Texas-based refurbishment center.

You can start trading in retro games, consoles, and accessories as soon as April 25th, but they won't be available for purchase until about eight weeks after that. We received word of GameStop's retro gaming pilot program last week, and now we've found new details about how the program will work. According to John Haes, who is the head of the division, Gamestop will accept games, consoles and first-party accessories for Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, NES, first generation Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, and Sega Genesis; but, they won't be taking any aftermarket controls, like these by Mad Catz.

Gamestop won't be customizing their trade-in offers based on the condition of the items you bring in. So, you'll get paid the same amount if you bring in Battletoads with or without the manual; although, Gamestop will note the condition of the items when it resells them online. Gamestop realizes any market with highly collectible merchandise is going to be prone to counterfeiting. To prevent fake games from hitting the shelves, the company is giving all of its pilot program stores a primer in counterfeit spotting, complete with a manual.

To keep customers happy, the same 30-day guarantee, protecting against defects, that applies to all of Gamestop's used products will apply to the retro games, consoles, and accessories purchased online.

Source: Wired