GameStop mails customers letter warning of security breach

In early April, it was revealed that GameStop's website may have fallen prey to hackers, and now the company has confirmed the report. Some GameStop customers are receiving notices from the company advising them of a 'security incident' that affected its website. Customers may have been affected by this security breach, assuming they placed orders on the website during the vulnerable period of time.

According to letters being sent to GameStop online customers, the hacker or hackers may have been able to acquire customer data including addresses, names, and their credit card info. This applies only to customers who placed (or tried to place) their orders on the GameStop website between August 10 of last year and February 9th of this year.

Per the letter that GameStop customers are receiving, the company 'identified and addressed a potential security incident' that was 'related to transactions' made on the company's website. The letters were mailed to customers rather than emailed, so if you are potentially affected, be sure to check your mail for your own notice.

The company says its notice includes information on steps these customers can take in light of the incident. This is the latest example of a company losing customer information due to a security breach; we've seen similar incidents big and small, including the Target fiasco and various hotels and fast food restaurants being hit. If you purchased a product from GameStop's website during that time, be sure to review your bank or credit account for unauthorized transactions.

SOURCE: Kotaku