GameStick Kickstarter removed for IP dispute - will return soon [Update]

The Android-powered game controller that arrived to take on OUYA we mentioned last week, has apparently been pulled from the Kickstarter campaign. The project received some much deserved attention and reached the $100,000 goal in the first 30 hours, but now they're having a few setbacks.

According to an email being sent out by the Kickstarter support, the GameStick campaign has been completely removed. Their Kickstarter page is no longer accessible for users and those who've helped fund the project are being greeted with a message stating it "is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and currently unavailable."

IP disputes are nothing new in the world of Android. Just ask those folks from Samsung, HTC, and many many others. The Kickstarter email goes as far as to say if they aren't able to repost in the next 30 days the project could be canceled altogether. For those hopeful for a $79 Android gaming console don't worry though, as we have good news.

Our friends from Android Community received word that the project is experiencing a very small hiccup, and will be back shortly. The folks behind the GameStick, PlayJam, have apparently confirmed the product isn't experiencing a IP dispute and instead a small part of their demo video is the cause. PlayJam is currently editing that out as we speak and should be back shortly. Have no fear folks, the project should be returning soon.

Update: And it's back. That didn't take long. The IP dispute has apparently been cleared and the project is back. Move along folks.