GameSeek Xbox One and FIFA 14 bundle special coming this week

Gamers in the UK that haven't got their hands on the Xbox One just yet and have been thinking about buying the new Microsoft console might want to check out a promotion coming this week. A game retailer in the UK called GameSeek has announced a special discount on a new Xbox One console and one of its most popular games.

The game console will be bundled with a copy of FIFA14, the very popular football game. The discount on buying the bundle is nice with £100 knocked off the total. GameSeek is offering the discount through something it calls Co-buying.

Co-buying works rather like Groupon where products are offered at bigger discounts as more people sign up to purchase. There is no indication of exactly how many people have to sign up for the Xbox One and FIFA promotion to secure the £100 discount.

With the big Xbox One discount, gamers will be able to get hands on the console for £299.99 with FIA 14. That is assuming enough people sign up. Supply of the console will be limited and the deal will run for only a few hours. Another special discount offer coming this week will have GameSeek offering the game Titanfall for £30. You need to sign up for alerts from GameSeek to be notified when the deal launches.

SOURCE: Techienews