Gameplay Heats Up: Dance Dance Immolation

A friend of mine once gave himself a urinary tract infection thanks to a long night dancing in PVC hotpants, but if you're looking for fun that really burns then you need Dance Dance Immolation.  A fiery upgrade to the popular dancing game – where players have to copy on-screen moves on a special controller mat in order to rack up points – the aim of this version is not to achieve a high score but to avoid getting blasted in the face by a propane flamethrower.

Created by fire-loving gamers in California, the sensor-riddled game arena is built around a 30-foot screen and two custom platforms, each with a nice big panic button in case you get too hot.  The suits offer top to toe protection so that the only real danger is drowning in your own sweat urine as you jerk around fearfully and try not to get frazzled.

Good dancing is rewarded with a flame show of upward-facing jets; poor dancing gets you a great licking from a tongue of fire.  I look forward to seeing the Playstation 3 add-on to let you try this at home...

Dance Dance Immolation [via Neatorama]